Martijntje Cornelia X Sybille Paulsen

Internal revolutions and transformations are our (Sybille Paulsen en Studio Martijntje Cornelia)  inspiration for this collection.
Life is a dance of falling apart and coming back together, oscillating between poles like dependence and autonomy, innocence and experience, ignorance and knowledge. Some of those transformative moments happen quick and almost overnight, others prepare for years, grow slowly until they manifest.
We translate these internal changes and shifts into wearable landscapes made of cotton candy and hair. Both these materials inherit a strong dynamic force. Hair grows relentlessly on our body, whereas Cotton Candy, collapses from a fluffy cloud of sugary goodness into a rockhard landscape.

Light as feathers, hair and cotton candy emanate a lot of emotional gravitas. One is reminding us of our ever present inner child and a time when nothing could be sweet enough. The other is a symbol of strength and individuality. A lock of hair is the most personal keepsake one can own or give away.
Our designs are the perfect liaison of our individual work. Sybille’s pieces are timeless geometric keepsakes, intricate and intimate in their aura. Martine turns the ephemeral clouds of cotton candy into luscious rough rocks, whose vivaciousness brighten up your dullest days. Together we are Paul et Martin and we encourage you to wear your heart on your sleeve and embrace the instability of life with curiosity.  Models Chiara Grado, Carmen Moret,

Credits: Styling ByWillemijn Photography Studio Letterie Make-up art Sanne Vischer