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Myths Testdrive 2016, Munich Jewellery Week

//Myths Testdrive 2016, Munich Jewellery Week

Myths Testdrive 2016, Munich Jewellery Week

During the Munich Jewellery Week 2016 I exhibited at Myths Testdrive.
The exhibition „Myths 2016 – TEST DRiVE“ aims at promoting the concept of Share Economy as well as environmentally conscious patterns of production and consumption as a response to greed.
Artworks are made with organic or recyclable material or use energy/capital saving techniques such as innovative 3D Printing or old fashioned assemblage or objet trouvé in their making. These techniques address the issue of shortage, re-use, lack of capital to invest on precious raw materials, as well as environmental and ethical issues many designers have to confront in their daily art practice.
“Myths 2016 – Test Drive” also reverberates popular Sharing/Swapping movements. Interaction with the public plays a crucial role in the project. All exhibition items can be borrowed for one or more days for a „test drive“ through the city. Visitors are encouraged and rewarded through various perks to post their photos and experiences in the social media. 
TEST DRiVE is curated by Loukia Richards and Christoph Ziegler.


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