A passing fancy in a transient life. Is it too cheesy or just too sweet?
My first solo show at St. Maria’s Gallery in Rotterdam.

There are some feelings that fill you up that dig their roots into your skin and never let go.. They swell and blow you over like my birthday memories.
The casted objects in Candy Floss are an expression of my fascination for the eternal youth. My work never ends. It’s always in transformation.

“Once my pieces are completed their transient lives begin.. they could all fade away. The moment in life you wish never happened. I have to re-evaluate over and over again even when I don’t want it to change..  or in worst case my pieces will be gone in eternity..”

I emphasize the physical deterioration in a terrible sweet aesthetic way. I elevate a slice of cheese to a beauty on the wall and respond to the fixed artworks that have an eternal life through the thick layers of ‘filler’.