Muscovite is the first vase collection of Studio Martijntje Cornelia.
The production of one vase can be very unpredictable and difficult.
For instance the vase “Muscovite I” can take up to 4 weeks to produce. This design technique with Candy Floss is completely new and you’ll find it nowhere else.

Muscovite is a mineral that belongs to the Mica group. This mineral is similar to Candy Floss in it’s different shapes. Muscovite can be very brittle. The rough Candy Floss rocks can also be very brittle sometimes. Muscovite contains many layers like the vases of Candy Floss and it’s better not to touch it with water. If you go deeper into the world of Muscovite minerals, Fuchsite is the best mineral to describe the character of Candy Floss. Fuchsite helps you with transformations and raises blockades against everything that has to do with change. In case of the Candy Floss vases it’s very important you are aware of the fact it can change a little and that you try to embrace this beautiful character.