LAYERS “Creating new things by breaking old things”

Creating new things by breaking old things is the main theme in this special collection for Mix Art Gallery. The shape you see in “Layered” is evolved out of a vase I made.
It’s about the acceptance of change in material treasures which are very dear to us.
We have to accept things can change and have to learn to give the change a new meaning. For instance, I gave a new life to the broken vase: a piece of jewel.
This workprocess, working with broken things or leftovers, is a normal practise for me. I never ever will throw a piece of Candy Floss away. Actually, all the jewelry I make are leftovers from a bigger picture, like art installations or objects.

Furthermore I’m using a new Candy Floss technique, where the force of nature and the power of me as a designer will become one.